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    Aftermarket service   
    Aftermarket service
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  • 1、Advisory services: Users in the use of any problem , could call the advisory telephone: 0575-83279888;

    2、Warranty: warranty period of the products, if quality problems arise, users can enjoy warranty services to local service center; local after-sales service center, the user can commissioned dealer warranty service, in addition can also directly contact handling clerk or project receptionist;

    Sales department one: Miss Shi


    Sales department two: Mr Liu


    Sales department three: Miss Lin


    Complaints hotline:Manage Qian:(86)18657521299

    3. Maintenance service: During the period of maintenance products, the user could reach after-sales service centers or authorized dealers to require service of any quality problems. Also could be directly related to the Secretary for the implementation of the relevant departments to implement paid maintenance.

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